How Paleo Diet Can Help with Your Health

Paleo diet, as its name suggests, means that we eat the foods that are only available to our ancestors by hunting and gathering. It focuses on eating a lot of fresh, non-GMO vegetables and fruit, lean meat and fish, healthy fats like avocado and plant oils. A big thing the paleo dieters try to avoid is processed food that have little nutritional value and too many calories, especially sugar. Overall it is a low carb/high fat diet that has positive association with weight loss.

The high fat that we get from the paleo die can help body create energy better because it runs on fat. Fats give us more energy than glucose, and we will feel fuller longer. Burning fats also means creates less free radicals that can cause cell damage. In addition, avoiding foods high in pesticides and antibiotics can help the good bacteria in our guts to grow better. So if you are interested in becoming a paleolithic, give it a try.


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