• Bad Breath?

    Halitosis and other oral health problems can be caused by an unbalanced oral microbiome. Rebalance yours today with a dose of good bacteria!

  • Maintain Your Feminine Health

    Designed for women on the go like you. MetaFlora women's probiotics help balance your urinary tract and keep your digestive health in check


Taking probiotics and replenishing the healthy bacteria in your gut can help you climb to the pinnacle of your health in a variety of ways.

These include but certainly aren’t limited to:             

• Supporting the absorption of vitamins and nutrients     
• Replenishing the intestinal flora                           
• Supporting the immune system                           
• Supporting the gut-brain connection                     


  • I have been taking these probiotics for awhile now and I'm LOVING THEM! The flavor itself is great, it seems like you could just chew it but I just swallow them. They are the perfect size and not hard to swallow at all, nice and round and smooth!
    - Jackie Sanchez
  • They are super small and tiny great to swallow. Especially if you don’t like swallowing large pills. They go down easy. Some pills have a roughness to them, esp probiotics and these don’t which is great. The ingredients are also great. Will continue to buy.
    - Elaine
  • My daughter was having some appetite issue for the past two months, she always felt full and can only eat very little things that has gluten in it. So we decided to try this to see if it would help. It actually worked!! After taking the pills for about one week, she is able to eat pastas and lot of other things that she used to like to eat. She is very happy about it. Highly recommended.
    - Nancy