• I have been taking these probiotics for awhile now and I'm LOVING THEM! The flavor itself is great. They are the perfect size and not hard to swallow at all, nice and round and smooth!
    - Jackie Sanchez
  • They are super small and tiny great to swallow. Especially if you don’t like swallowing large pills.
    - Elaine
  • My daughter was having some appetite issue for the past two months. So we decided to try this to see if it would help. It actually worked!! After taking the pills for about one week, she is able to eat pastas and lots of other things that she used to like to eat. She is very happy about it. Highly recommended.
    - Nancy
  • It's amazing how the probiotics help my tummy feel better assisting my body with a little boost to help my system digest food properly grabbing on to more nutrition along the way. It's a great journey.
    - Kimberly