• Increase Bone Health w/ Vitamin D

    If you are 50+ and suffer from osteoporosis your body could benefit from added bone support obtained from vitamin D. MetaFlora Probiotic Bone Health provides your body with three highly selected Lactobacillius strains that target bone health and is enriched with Vitamin D3. Lactobacillus is known to reduce bone loss for people who suffer from low bone density or osteorporosis.  View Post
  • How Diet Can Better Your Sleep

    Better sleep hygiene is on top of many people’s list. Here we can talk about a few eating “tricks” that can get you to have more zzzs. A diet high in fiber and low in both saturated fats and sugar can help you drift off faster and get as many as two more hours of sleep. Research has shown that fa... View Post
  • Refining Current Human Microbiome Research Practices

    The main goal of human gut microbiome research is to accurately represent the human gut environment, but current practice may be failing without considering stool processing and storage conditions. Many diseases like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), obesity, and diabetes have been associated wit... View Post