Mood Improvement

  • Gut-Brain Connection and Probiotics

    Gut is also known as “the second brain.” Because scientists have found an enteric nervous system inside of this organ. It contains more than 100 million nerve cells, running from esophagus to rectum. When you feel “butterflies in your stomach” when feeling nervous, or “go with your gut” when maki... View Post
  • How to De-Stress during Coronavirus Pandemic

    As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading more and more widely, a lot of schools and business are closed for “social distancing.” Amid this global infectious disease impact, what are some ways that we can mange our anxiety? Stay informed, not overwhelmed. There is a fine line between having enough an... View Post
  • Three Fitness Tips for Busy People

    Many people may work from home now due to coronavirus. While the burden of commute is reduced, other tasks may not be, such as taking care of kids. With both work and home responsibilities, working professionals may still struggle to find ways to maintain fitness. Here we offer some fitness tips ... View Post