How Diet Can Better Your Sleep

Better sleep hygiene is on top of many people’s list. Here we can talk about a few eating “tricks” that can get you to have more zzzs.

A diet high in fiber and low in both saturated fats and sugar can help you drift off faster and get as many as two more hours of sleep. Research has shown that fat can decrease slow-wave sleep; on the other hand, too much sugar can cause more midnight wake-ups. Fiber is the way to go.

This one is specifically for people who have frequent heartburn. Nighttime heartburn can cause a lot of sleep problems like insomnia and sleep apnea. Luckily, staying away from high-fat meals, spicy foods, alcohol, and soda can make a difference.

To increase melatonin can boost your sleep quality a lot. Vitamin B may help regulate vitamin B. Food such as salmon, carrots, papaya are great sources for vitamin B.

Let’s all try to eat healthier for better sleep and life.



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