A recent study published by Obesity revealed that milkshakes blended with probiotics and a product called VSL#3* may help fight weight gain.

Twenty healthy men were observed by Virginia Tech researchers for four weeks while on a high-fat and high-calorie diet. Some men drank a milkshake containing VSL#3, a probiotic with various strains of bacteria, including L. acidophilus and B. longum, while others consumed a placebo milkshake. The researchers found that the men who consumed the probiotic mix had lower body mass gain and fat accumulation than those who didn’t.

The researchers suggest that the supplement might help alter the gut bacteria in a way that influenced the entire digestive system and led to less body fat accumulation. The researchers also hypothesize that the probiotic might reduce lipid absorption or even affect the way energy is utilized.

*It is important to note that the study was funded by VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc., testing a commercial product called VSL#3. Despite this and the limited sample size, the findings still add to growing evidence that the gut microbiome plays a role in obesity, weight loss, and general health.

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