Every individual has a unique microbiome that is distinct based on your specific diet, genetics, and environment, and can even include the people that you closely associate with.

Omega Biomics offers people information to learn about and understand their own microbiome (gut, oral, skin, etc.), and the direct and indirect impact it has on many important aspects of human health. Additionally, Omega Biomics provides tools for customers to determine their specific microbiome profile, change it as needed, and then maintain their microbiome for the healthiest life outcome possible. You can visit our website on a regular basis for the latest news on scientific breakthroughs, probiotic news, and diet and lifestyle information to optimize your microbiome health.

On a grander scale, the information that you provide when you submit a stool sample for microbiome profiling will be used to understand how different microbiome profiles correlate with the general human conditions of sex, age, geographic location, diet, and body mass index (as determined by height and weight), to name a few. The ultimate objective is to identify the best and healthiest microbiome components and then provide the tools you will need to develop and maintain these key microbes, or introduce them if they are not already present.