Grade A ProCare Hand Sanitizer Gel 16.9 fl.oz, Infused with Aloe Extract. Unscented Antiseptic Topical Solution, Pack of 2

  • $24.99


  • Advanced alcohol-based (70%) hand sanitizer gel. Infused with aloe vera. Unscented and fragrance free. Conveniently fit anywhere in your home, office, or factories. 
  • Easily dispensable, evaporates quickly, rinse free, and disinfecting in seconds! A great item for your school, car, restaurant, and anywhere else that you need to quickly clean your hands.
  • A convenient item to have when you need a quick cleanse before lunch or extra security. Portable bottle for travelling. Sterilization and hand protection.



    100% Brand New

    Color: transparent

    Type: 16.9 fl.oz ProCare Hand Sanitizer Gel, 70% Alcohol

    External Use Only, May Discolor Some Fabrics


    Package included:

    16.9 fl.oz bottle each, pack of 2


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    Free USPS First-class mail with Tracking Number. Expedited shipping available.