Lactobacillus Salivarius

Lactobacillus salivarius is a probiotic that is found in the GI tract and employs a variety of helpful properties, including suppression of pathogenic bacteria.

L. salivarius produces natural antibiotics, which are specifically targeted against invading pathogenic bacteria, especially E. coli and Salmonella spp. It also produces lactic acids, which aid in fighting pathogenic or otherwise bad bacteria, and create an ideal atmosphere for beneficial bacteria.

L. salivarius, a hardy probiotic that replicates extremely quickly, crowding out bad bacteria quickly, too. Other beneficial effects of L. salivarius include aiding in the digestion of proteins, inhibiting candida (yeast) growth, reducing cavities and gingivitis, preventing strep throat, decreasing risk of mastitis (also called mammitis), and easing symptoms of ulcerative colitis and IBS.