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  • METAFLORA Probiotics for Oral Health
  • METAFLORA Probiotics for Oral Health
  • METAFLORA Probiotics for Oral Health


Fight off bad breath while supporting dental health and oral care with the good bacteria in METAFLORA Oral Probiotics, like Streptococcus salivarius BLIS M18.

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How Can METAFLORA Oral Help Me?

BRIGHTEN YOUR SMILE. The probiotic strain S. salivarius M18 produces a protein to help break up plaque and other deposits that ultimately lead to dental problems and potentially expensive medical procedures.

RESTORE YOUR ORAL HEALTH. You likely know the microbes living in your intestines affect your gut health, but it might surprise you that both good and bad bacterial strains colonize your mouth, too. Your mouth, the body’s first line of defense, provides easy access for many infections, especially when your balance of healthy oral microflora is compromised by diet, daily use of mouthwash, flossing, or even brushing your teeth with products that contain fluoride too often. Your microbiome can quickly shift and create painful oral issues, but with OraBLIS, your oral microbiome stays balanced and at its healthiest.

BEAT BAD BREATH. Unfortunately when you use mouthwash to prevent bad breath, you kill both the good and bad bacteria. Did you know that it is up to good bacteria to keep bad breath under control? S. salivarius is often found in healthy mouths, but is lacking in those who suffer from bad breath.

This means that the most effective, long-term solution to eradicating bad breath is to repopulate your oral cavity with the good bacteria found in OraBLIS.

We often use mouth rinses, gums, or sprays to eliminate bad breath, but this is essentially just masking the problem temporarily, and likely contributing to the problem. When BLIS K12® and BLIS M18™ colonize in your mouth, they allow good bacteria to repopulate, eliminating bad bacteria and targeting bad breath at its core.

STAY WELL. Your mouth is the first line of defense to the microbes that can make their way into our bodies. The strains in OraBLIS are among the most important and beneficial bacteria of the mouth—in fact, research shows that K12 can activate your immune system within just 24 hours!

MAINTAIN HEALTHY EARS, NOSE, THROAT AND SINUSES. When your oral microbiome is populated with strong probiotic colonies, you are equipped with natural defenses against common invaders. Our oral health probiotics are formulated with the most targeted probiotic strains to restore the balance of good bacteria and promote oral and upper respiratory health.

What is inside each pill

9 Targeted Probiotic Strains (including Lactobacillus and Streptococcus) to effectively counteract the indiscriminate effects of mouthwash, diet, and other lifestyle choices that can potentially compromise your oral microbiome. BLIS K12™ and BLIS M18™ are advanced probiotics for oral cavity and upper respiratory tract health. They are proprietary strains ofS. salivarius, which naturally help support fresh breath and immune system health. Specific strains include L. plantarum, L. reuteri, L. paracasei, L. casei, S. salivarius BLIS K12, S. salivarius BLIS M18, L. salivarius, S. thermophilus, and L. acidophilus.

3 Billion Colony Forming Units†per chewable. Since oral probiotic strains don’t need to survive the harsh environment of your intestines, they are able to colonize more easily than digestive probiotics. These strains reside on the tongue, tonsils, and ear, nose and throat (ENT), so chewing them is the most efficient delivery method.

All Natural.At uBiotics, we don’t rely on additives. uBiotics Oral Health does not contain any strains that do not naturally reside in the human gut, likeSoil Based Organisms (SBOs)or active yeasts.

Chelated Zinc.This superior form of Zinc acts as an antioxidant and helps to protect cells against the effects of free radicals while playing a vital role in the formation of connective tissue, teeth, and bones.

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Chemicals
  • No Eggs
  • No Iron
  • No Nuts
  • No Preservatives
  • No Soy
  • No Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheat Free
  • Yeast Free

How does it work?


Both BLIS (Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substances) probiotic strains start to work in the mouth: K12 supports ear, nose, throat and immune health while BLIS M18 primarily supports dental health.

uBiotics Oral Health is uniquely formulated with the most effective and clinically proven oral probiotic strains to repopulate your oral cavity, helping to break up plaque, reduce oral health challenges such as cavities, teeth-staining, thrush, gingivitis, tonsil stones, canker sores, and prevent ear, nose, and throat infections.

BLIS K12 enters the mouth and attaches to cells in the oral cavity. Once colonized, BLIS K12 crowds out the bad bacteria, keeping them from adhering to the host. Many pathogens are susceptible to the BLIS molecules Salivaricins A and B, including the bacteria that cause bad breath, sore throats, and respiratory tract and ear infections.

M18 has unique abilities that allow it to break up plaque and neutralize acid that can be harmful to teeth and gums. S. mutans, one of the many organisms responsible for dental plaque, produce lactic acid, which degrades tooth enamel and dentine, ultimately leading to cavities and possibly tooth loss. Research has shown that BLIS M18 produces an enzyme known as urease, which neutralizes acid in the oral cavity.

While S. mutans produce lactic acid, they also produce extracellular polysaccharides, which contribute to the plaque biofilm, allowing problematic bacteria to come in close contact with gum tissue. Limited numbers of S. salivarius strains, including BLIS M18, produce an enzyme called dextranase, which helps break down plaque biofilms caused by S. mutans.

† At time of manufacture. Equivalent to 1 Billion CFU at expiration.

LiveBac® is a registered trademark of Nutraceutix.

    BLIS K12® and BLIS M18™ are trademarks of BLIS Technologies Limited.