• Probiotics and Inflammatory Arthritis

    We all heard that probiotics can help with immunity and boost your gut heath, but what about its connection with arthritis? As early as 2012, a study in mice has found a potential link between gut microbiome and susceptibility to arthritis. Later, it was found that probiotics, the beneficial bact... View Post
  • Scientists All Around the World Are Racing Against the Clock to Develop COVID-19 Vaccine

    While we are staying home for “social distancing” and some are thinking about taking chloroquine, different groups of scientists are speeding up developing a COVID-19 vaccine. According to HHS, they have partnered with Janssen Research & Development and will start Phase 1 clinical trial this ... View Post
  • COVID-19 Is Potentially Airborne

    COVID-19 is getting more and more serious. Social distancing is practiced, masks are worn, and sanitizers are stored. However, those precautions might not be enough as coronavirus can potentially be airborne. This virus is transmitted through not much liquid, but droplets, such as those through s... View Post