In the Season of Coronavirus, Let’s Boost Our Immune System

Coronavirus is no longer just in China, and we all are getting into the good habits of washing hands more frequently and not touching our faces. Another good way to stay strong in this special time could also be bettering our immune system, with probiotics.

First of all, probiotics can help increase good bacteria and inhibit bad bacteria growths in our gut, which is a critical component of our overall immune system. Some studies have shown that certain bacterial strains can also promote T lymphocytes and natural killer cells. Some of the increased immunity cells seem to be able to combat cancer, too. On the other hand, probiotics can also promote natural antibody production.

For pregnant ladies who are taking probiotics, the unborn infants’ immunity also seems to improve. For kids who are taking them, it appears to them that they are less likely to have immune-mediated diseases, such as asthma, colds, eczema, and type I diabetes. Especially for the elderly who are taking antibiotics right now and are a more susceptible population to coronavirus, antibiotics can be quite helpful to restore gut flora balance. Let us use all means to protect ourselves during this special season!



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